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The Work of Kim Hono 1986 – 2021

Text: Kazufumi Shimoyashiki


Ceramic artist Kim Hono, that I photographed for the second issue of this magazine, presents new work every time, and in large quantities. He never does the same thing. I really admire him for his attitude and way of life.

I started to do the documentary filming on Kim Hono, it was in October of 2020 when Mr Katsuji Daibo, the head of “Coffee Daibo” in Aoyama came to me. I was lucky enough to be there by chance and to participate in the filming of Kim’s book that Daibo produced. I had no idea that I would be doing a huge job.

Mr Kim watches his 35 years of work as if it were his own child, without giving any advice, and Mr Daibo carefully looks for the most beautiful expression, one by one. It was a scene built on trust between the two of them, and it was all I could do to hold back my excitement and nervousness when I clicked the shutter.

The cover of “I want to create as if I were dreaming” is painted by Mr Kim one by one, so each book is unique.

The Work of Kim Hono 1986 – 2021 “I want to create as if I were dreaming”
Author: Kim Hono
Planning and Supervision: Katsuji Daibo
Published by Jiyu Kukan
Editor: Harumi Kanematsu 
Limited edition of 1,000

Kazufumi Shimoyashiki / Photographer, born in 1986.

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