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Subsequence vol.5



The work continues on Subsequence vol.5.

We held a photoshoot the other day for “Hobby Talk”, our serialization where a great variety of guests make an appearance and we ask them about a hobby they are currently into.

This upcoming issue will feature the hobby of Takeshi Abe, a regular contributor to Subsequence with his photography.  He tells us about a wonderful photography-related project he has worked on for many years about skaters, of which he also participates as a member of his subjects of work.

Cameraman Keisuke Fukamizu and I laid out a whole array of photographic prints all over the floor wondering and discussing how best to capture them on film by a process of trial and error.  I have a feeling the photos are going to look really special when they’re done.  I hope you look forward to the new issue’s upcoming articles!

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