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Mari Mochizuki and Kantha Embroidery



Kantha is a type of hand-embroidery that originated in Bengal, India, where you sashiko stitch fragmented layers of fabric from old clothing to create quilts. It was on a trip to India where Mari Mochizuki, aged 53 at the time, first became fascinated with kantha. Inspired by this, she diverged from the Western embroidery she had been making until then in order to create her own unique form of kantha. Now at the age of 95 (at the time of this interview), she continues to freely stitch things she likes, taking inspiration from the natural landscape of her home in rural Fukushima or pictures her grandchildren have drawn. From Mochizuki’s extensive variety of spontaneous works to the kantha fabrics she has brought back from her travels to India and other countries throughout Asia, the freedom and limitless nature of kantha continues to surprise.

“Kantha Embroidery: Motifs and Techniques”
Author: Mari Mochizuki
Publisher: Seibundo Shinkosha (2021)

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