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SUB Subsequence vol.5

Toji Temple, KYOTO



“SUB Subsequence” is a special 12-page photo magazine that we’ve been giving out as a gift alongside Subsequence ever since the first issue. Printed using a risograph (a digital printer-duplicator released in Japan in 1980 by the Riso Kagaku Corporation), the zine features a whole range of photos that didn’t make it into the main issue. For the zine that accompanies issue 5, look forward to a collection of photographs from visvim’s digital director Hiroki Nakamura’s visit to Kyoto’s Koboichi Market, an antiques market at Toji Temple.

SUB Subsequence is printed in bichrome, and for this issue, we asked Hand Saw Press, a risograph studio in Nishi-Koyama, Tokyo, for their printing services. Once we decide what photos to use, their layout, and the color scheme, we move onto the test print stage. Due to the printing idiosyncrasies of the risograph, manuscript data for each color first needs to be prepared. After a test copy has been printed, we then need to adjust the printer’s ink amounts and make sure that any misalignment is fixed for the proper copies. Although it’s a digital machine, it feels somewhat manual in the sense that you can stop the printing process and make minor adjustments as you go. The two colors we chose for this issue are flour pink and light teal. We hope you’ll enjoy the unique ways the risograph combines these two distinct colors.

We will be giving out copies of SUB Subsequence to anyone who purchases Subsequence from a visvim run store. However, please note that copies are limited and will be given out on a first-come-first-serve basis. We look forward to seeing you.

Subsequence vol.5 will be releasing for sale on Saturday, July 23rd. Further details regarding the upcoming issue will be available shortly. We hope you are looking forward to it.

Hand Saw Press

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