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TERRE by Fernando Casasempere



Fernando Casasempere’s (b. 1958) new exhibition TERRA—which deals with his three-decade long question about humanity’s relationship with our planet and the earth—is currently on view at The San Diego Museum of Art, USA. Originally from Chile, the London-based sculptor was featured in Subsequence vol.5, our latest issue, where he touches on some of his artistic inspirations.

Photo: Ron Kerner
Photo: Ron Kerner

When Casasempere moved to London in 1997, he brought with him 12 tons of earth from his birthplace of Santiago. This has remained a theme in his work, and he has created sculptures that use polluted earth sourced from the industrial waste of copper mines in northern Chile.

Photo: Ron Kerner

Casasempere does not only wish to elucidate the damage humanity is inflicting upon the Earth through his work, but also by researching the buildings and items that the native people of South America created before being colonized, he wishes to create simple, sublime models that try to get close to these structures that seemed to blend together humanity and nature. This exhibition uses earth and clay to carry across the message of an artist who constantly thinks and expresses himself with his hands and his body.

TERRA: Fernando Casasempere

Dates: Until 5 September 2022
Venue: The San Diego Museum of Art

Photo: Tom Mannion

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