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Ako Dentsu, a rug maker established in the Meiji period based in Ako, Hyogo Prefecture, that we featured in Subsequence No.4, will be holding an exhibition at Tsutaya Books in Daikanyama, Tokyo, starting on 28 January.

Ako Dantsu was founded at the end of the Edo period by Naka Kojima. Enamored by rugs from China, she spent many years honing her rug making skills before establishing Ako Dantsu. Ako Dantsu’s rugs are exemplified by their use of cotton instead of wool, and their heavily textured designs which require a special pair of scissors to create.

A number of vintage rugs collected and repaired by Rie Sakagami from Ako Dantsu Mutsuki, based in Ako-Misaki, will be on display and for sale at the exhibition.

Alongside the exhibition, Ako Dantsu have specially put together “Ako Dantsu Rugs”. Edited by Subsequence’s chief editor Kosuke Idea, this pamphlet contains the company’s history, features, techniques, and photos. It is the perfect entry point into discovering more about Ako Dantsu and their culture, so we hope you pick up a copy at the exhibition.

Dates: 28 January – 12 February
Venue: 1F Cooking Floor, Tsutaya Books Building 3, Daikanyama T-Site

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