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Le Corbusier's color swatches

text: Satoko Shibahara (Editor)


A sample book of 63 shades created by Corbusier. When I was a student of architecture, I had the opportunity to visit some of Corbusier’s architectural work in France. I remember buying it in the Jeanneret house. He often applies color to his architecture since he was also a painter who had a kind of intense obsession with it. His character’s eccentricity is therefore well illustrated in the film “The Price of Desire“; he is very a sarcastic guy in this movie, but his naked desire is strangely appealing.

Some of the color samples are the colors used in the Jeanneret house. The opaque shades, which I felt were a little milky in each one, seemed to me to match the overcast skies of Paris. When I had the opportunity to repaint the walls in my room, I thought about using these color swatches as a reference but decided against it as it somehow didn’t match the Japanese climate and sunshine.

Satoko Shibahara
Editor / first-class architect. After studying architecture, she worked for a design firm and museum public relations before becoming a freelance editor, writer and planner in 2015. Writing and managing projects for websites and books, primarily in the fields of art and architecture. She writes art exhibition reviews for “” (Magazine House Ltd) and will begin an art research project “Scene of new habitation” in 2021.

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