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Sakuzo Hineno Exhibition



Teapot. 1958-59. Owned by Mino Ceramic Art Museum, Tajimi

An exhibition centered around the works of Sakuzo Hineno, known as the forerunner of contemporary Japanese ceramics design, is being held at Mie Prefectural Art Museum, and is his largest exhibition to date. During the post-war era where there was a shift to industrialized manufacturing and mass-production, Hineno poured his efforts into creating hand-crafted modern household items. This exhibition is a great opportunity to find out about the talents of Hineno whose designs have a real human touch to them and have made use of his techniques and unique perspective as well as the diversity of the various regions he was influenced by.

Émail Vase Design Documents. 1950-60. Owned by Ando Cloisonne

Sakuzo Hineno Exhibition
Dates: 1 July – 24 September, 2023 (Closed on Mondays)
Venue: Mie Prefectural Art Museum 
Hours: 9:30 – 17:00
For more details see the official website of Mie Prefectural Art Museum

Portrait of Sakuzo Hineno

Sakuzo Hineno (1907-1984)
Born in present-day Iga city, Mie Prefecture. After graduating from Tokyo College of Industrial Arts, Sculpting Department, he began his career as a ceramic designer at Tsubakigama in Seto, Aichi Prefecture. From 1933, he worked at Kyoto National Ceramic Experimental Institute. After the war, he went independent and worked as a freelance ceramics designer based in Iga. He made a living delivering ceramic design documents for various companies in Aichi, Gifu, Mie, and Saga, as well as giving design lectures at public ceramics institutes, while focusing his efforts on educating the youth on design.

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