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Kione’s Patchwork Quilt



Quiltmaker Kione Kochi was first introduced to our readers through the feature “My Place, My Style” in vol.4 of Subsequence Magazine. On this occasion she has produced a cushion and do-it-yourself patchwork kit especially for Subsequence that will be made available for sale.

Kione’s process begins by choosing her fabrics. She then begins sewing pieces together while carefully considering the arrangement of colors and shapes as if she were composing a painting. Each patchwork quilt is produced as it spreads in size. With smaller pieces of fabric, she makes quilts scaled to fit smaller items, but will also utilize them as a decorative element in her larger quilts reminiscent of a glittering of stardust. Depending on where and what is placed, even a small scrap of fabric is able to reinvent itself into an individual piece of work and maintain its own presence.

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“S” Patchwork Cushion

A custom designed cushion made by Kione especially for Subsequence Magazine that incorporates an arrangement of the letter “S” in patchwork fashion. Each cushion is unique and one of a kind.

0699999999216 Kione /“S”Patchwork Cushion
0699999999227 Kione /“S”Patchwork Cushion

DIY Patch Kit

A kit that includes a small piece of patchwork, a basic set of sewing tools, and a how-to booklet that was made from a desire for everybody to experience the enrichment that handcrafts can provide. Each piece of included patchwork is unique and one of a kind.

0699999999237 Kione / DIY Patch Kit
0699999999246 Kione / DIY Patch Kit
0699999999249 Kione / DIY Patch Kit

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Kione Kochi (Quiltmaker)

Kione grew up familiar with handcrafts thanks to her grandmother’s influence, and later got involved in making costumes for the performing arts while in college. Ever since starting her quilting practice in 2013, she has continued to create an assortment of work in various forms that express the depth of the craft.

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