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“Time With a Good View” Itsushi Kawase



“Time With a Good View”, the latest book by visual anthropologist Itsushi Kawase, who contributed a Personal Essay in the third issue of Subsequence, has just been published by Akaaka. Kawase seeks to understand how the artistic expression and factual elements of visual media intertwine, with particular focus on his fieldwork with Ethiopian poet-singers. Alongside his poems and deft prose, the book is filled with Kawase’s sharp and sensitive observations.

The cover and illustrations within are created by artist Asa Hiramatsu, a collaborator of Kawase who also did illustration work for his essays in Subsequence. The titular poem brings together disorder and order, chaos and tranquility, and perfectly depicts the world of the book where a single moment and eternity seem to exist together.

The World of Poet-Singers, a special exhibition which is organized by Kawase, will be held at Osaka’s National Museum of Ethnology from September 19. Poet-singers from Asia and Africa will be performing in this exhibition that will be sure to demonstrate the social, local, and cultural contexts that fostered their art.

Special Exhibition: The World of Poet-Singers
Dates; September 19, 2024 – December 10, 2024 (Closed on Wednesdays)
Venue: The Special Exhibition Hall, National Museum of Ethnology

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