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Plants and Art work

text: Jidapa Chansirisathaporn


Although Thailand is almost summer all year round, I am a person who don’t like to stay in an air-conditioned room that much. 

Recently, I had to work at home and spend more time at home. This circumstance leads me to discover my newfound interest, which is collecting small plants. Therefore, my morning routine has changed to wake up to take care of these plants get along with making morning coffee. 
So I considered having plants in the room will be a great help to reduce the temperature. 
Plus,my cat got his own little jungle.

Plants and flowers have always been the most significant source of inspiration for me to create my artwork. Although I represent flowers surrealistically, it still keeps based on their natural shape and form. I love to choose ware for my plants and place each of them to match their cute and whimsical shape, making them look like they have their own character and story.

I notice that plants have delicate small details created by nature which is hard to see or recognize without looking them up close to the real things.
When I see them up close, I learn about their details more than from books or photos. Furthermore, they are the source for my creativities. Plus, taking care of them every day has helped me to slow down and brought me a sense of stillness.

Jidapa Chansirisathaporn(Artist and Illustrator based in Bangkok) loves to convey her deep emotions and visualizes flowers and plants from her aspects into the perspective of the surrealistic way.

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