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Kosuke Ide, the editor of this magazine, wrote an article for the exhibition catalog of “KATACHI Museum”. A museum of food-related tools from around the world, both ancient and modern, attached to “VISON”, opened last July in the town of Taki-cho, Mie Prefecture.

The “KATACHI Museum” is a unique museum by ceramic artist and sculptor Koichi Uchida, which displays a variety of food utensils from different periods and regions as an art installation.

Flipping through the exhibition catalog, you will be fascinated by the variety of materials and interesting shapes, while reminded of the history of man, food and manufacturing. It will also interest those interested in product design.

『KATACHI – The shape of cooking utensils』
(Auther: Koichi Uchida / Published by KATACHI museum / Bilingual Japanese and English / 2021)

Photos: Bunsei Matsuura
Texts: Yuri Nomura, Kosuke Ide
Editing: guillemets layout studio
Design: Osamu Saruyama

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