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Issue 5 is complete!

Text: Kosuke Ide


It’s the middle of the rainy season here in Japan.
Some time has passed since the last issue, but after a long period of production, all the articles for issue 5 have now been written and edited. All that’s left is to send it to the printers for its publication date on the 23rd of July.

We’ve been a bit slow as always, but you can expect our usual great quality—or perhaps even better than usual—in its content. In fact, this might be our most engrossing issue to date and not only that, there’s also a wonderful little extra included in each issue to look forward to.

I feel this issue is a special one, and I’m sure that whether you’ve been awaiting it with bated breath, somewhat looking forward to its release, or haven’t even heard of Subsequence, there will be something for you in its pages.

An event celebrating its publication is being planned, so please look forward to upcoming information on that.

Subsequence Chief Editor
Kosuke Ide

Kosuke Ide
Editor in Chief
Born in Osaka in 1975. He writes for magazines such as BRUTUS and POPEYE (both from Magazine House Ltd), as well as for books and websites. His major editorial works include “My Archive” (co-authored with Hiroki Nakamura, from Magazine House Ltd) and “Hosono Kanko 1969-2019” (Official Catalogue of Hosono Haruomi’s 50th-anniversary exhibition, from Asahi Shimbun Publishing). He is also the author of “All About ALASKA” (co-authored with Gentaro Ishizuka, from Shinchosha Publishing Co, Ltd).

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