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Folk Toys of China: Japan Toy Museum Collection



Following up on “Folk Toys of the World” (Daifuku Shorin), her 2020 publication focusing on traditional toys and religious decorations from around the world, Ayame Osaki (curator of Japan Toy Museum in Himeji, Hyogo) has just published her new book “Toys of the Peoples of China”.

In the book, find photographs, stunning designs, and descriptions of a huge range of fun and beautiful folk toys that have been created and enjoyed by the peoples of China for hundreds of years. Not only this, but there are also many hugely detailed insights in the book well worth checking out. Each one dives into not only the cultural background behind each toy, but also touches on the histories of people in China and Japan and how they love, collect, and fought to leave behind these toys for future generations. It is a fascinating book that draws the spotlight to the preservation of the culture of toys while also being a key part of this process at the same time.

“Folk Toys of China: Japan Toy Museum Collection”
Author: Ayame Osaki
Photographs: Chika Takami
Publisher: Daifuku Shorin
Price: 3,500 yen

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