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We have released a series of five matchbooks each themed after an issue of Subsequence.
Matchbooks were an often-sighted promotional item at bars and cafes in the past, but they have gone out of fashion in recent years. We still love how they look, so have made our own cheap and cheerful set themed after Subsequence. In lieu of disposable plastic lighters, why not go back to basics and enjoy the action of striking a match to light candles at home, stoke a campfire, or light up a cigarette?

Subsequence Matchbooks will be available at stores selling Subsequence vol.5 in Japan. There’s only a limited number available and we do not have any plans to make more in the future. All stores have received a different selection of matchbooks, which means it might be a bit of a challenge to collect all five varieties, so be quick if you’re interested!
*Please practice proper fire safety when using matches.

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volume 06

Bilingual Japanese and English
260 × 372mm 160P

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