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Mayumi Yamase Artbook “Book of…” Now Published



Mayumi Yamase, artist and editor of Subsequence, has just published her first artbook “Book of…”. The book contains works spanning her whole her career including the latest canvas-based and 3D works from her exhibition “The elephant in the room” held this past September in Lurf MUSEUM (Shibuya, Tokyo). The book also contains photographs from her past exhibitions as well as snapshots taken by Yamase herself. With comments from Ari Ookubo, Maki Ishii, Kunichi Nomura, and Chiaki Noji, people who know Yamase hugely well, this artbook is a wonderful insight that tracks the course of her career.

“Book of …”
Mayumi Yamase Artbook
Price: 4,950 yen (tax included)
Publisher: Hidden Champion Inc.

Born in Tokyo, Japan, Mayumi spent her childhood in the U.S. and later moved to the U.K. upon graduation from high school. She majored in fine art at Chelsea College of Arts & Design / University of the Arts London and is currently based in Tokyo. She has held exhibitions in Tokyo, London, and Singapore and is involved in numerous projects such as art direction for Comme des Garçons and creating a collaborative pair of shoes for Nike.

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