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Shinji Iwamoto: Vintage Oaxacan Wood Carving



Published by Daifuku Shorin, whose books tackle artisanal crafts and design from a unique viewpoint, Vintage Oaxacan Wood Carving is an exciting collection of wood carvings from Mexico’s state of Oaxaca.

Wooden sculptures of dogs, squirrels, oxen, giraffes, and more began being crafted in the 1940s and ’50s as a souvenir for tourists. Until the mid-’80s, the sculptures were coated in aniline, a dye which fades quickly, giving these pieces a look that changes beautifully over the passing years.

These wood carvings are beloved by so many artists from the designer, Alexander Girard, to the potter, Shoji Hamada. Filled with photographs and information, this book is a fantastic and insightful resource into this craft.

Vintage Oaxacan Wood Carving
Author: Shinji Iwamoto
Publisher: Daifuku Shorin

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