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Aya Watanabe, a screenwriter who wrote the scripts for the NHK TV series “WONDER WALL” and the film “House of Himiko”, and who continues to work from her base in Shimane Prefecture, planned the new film “Gyakko” as an “independent production and distribution” with the 25-year-old director/actor Ren Sudo. This work has been touring within the country since July this year. The film was first screened in Onomichi, then in Hiroshima and Kyoto, where it was increasingly successful, before finally being screened in Tokyo.

In the summer of the 1970s, a young university student travels to his hometown of “Onomichi” to invite an older student for whom he has feelings. During the summer days, he gradually reduces the distance between them, but is shaken by the fluctuations in their relationship during a reunion with a childhood friend. The warm light that spills into the narrow, undulating streets, the pressing heat and blue of the ocean that makes you want to throw yourself into it fully clothed, the stares of your loved ones, the social noise that makes you want to plug your ears. If we are too dazzled to look ahead, let’s not expand our world with our antennas just yet. ……This is a striking first film about a summer of danger and beauty, which also presents a new way of making and showing films.

Scheduled to open at Shibuya Eurospace on December 18 and at UPLINK Kichijoji on January 7.

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