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Other Music. The legendary record shop that brought together a community of a whole spectrum of music lovers in New York’s East Village. Taking its name from the store, Other Music chronicles the history of the changing city and this small store that proactively sought out and promoted the independent and minor music that larger stores wouldn’t deal with since it first opened in 1996 to closing its doors in 2016. The documentary is now screening in movie theaters across Japan.

To both its customers and its staff, not only was the store a home, school, a stage—an indispensable place where they could feel they belong—it was also a cultural base that the city and its residents all helped to create. Music is not only something we can enjoy alone, but something we can share with others; the success of musicians is helped by their friends and supporters; a record store is not a place of consumption but a place to cultivate new talent—these profound statements from Other Music help us to reflect on the irreplaceable human element of any culture and will be sure to remain in your memory.

Release: 2019 / Runtime: 1hr 25min / Made In: USA
Director: Puloma Basu, Rob Hatch-Miller
Japan Release: From 10 September onward

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