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“Water Calling” is a picture book by designer, Isabelle Daëron that illustrates the mechanism of groundwater and water veins in Kyoto. The exhibition showing her work and the process of its creation is currently being held at Seikosha bookshop in Kyoto. 

Based in Paris, Daëron has been involved in a design project based on the theme of the circulation of water and other natural energy, and her drawings are not only bright and beautiful, but also remind us of the path of energy. This exhibition also features the original “Research Wall,” which represents the process of thinking while drawing putting during the research phase. The wallpaper drawn exclusively for this exhibition is stunning site-specific piece covering the walls of its gallery. Talk event is scheduled for March 30 to consider how human life and culture were created by natural landscapes and resources.

Book ‘Water Calling ’
Drawings: Isabelle Daëron / Text: Yoshiko Nagai / Design: Hideyuki Saito / Published by Shoshi Saicoro

‘WATER CALLING – Drawings by Isabelle Daëron’
Date: March 16 – 31, 2023 at Seikosha(Kyoto)

Talk Event “Landscape and Design: Thinking about the City from state of Nature
Date: March 30, 18:00- 
Place: Toberu 2 (33-16 Yoshida Tachibana-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto)
Speakers: Maki Onishi (Architect, o+h), Hiroko Edani (Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties), Isabelle Daëron
(This talk event is conducted mainly in Japanese)

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