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The Alentejo region of Portugal. A kiln made of red clay burns with an equally red flame. A man works alone making charcoal on a wooded lake shore, fire burns hot within the kiln, the lake nearby is calm. Smoke filters out and disappears into the sky, the noise of charcoal being gathered rings out. All of this is captured on film—this process by which time and human effort reshapes nature’s bounty.

Portugal-based directors Hiroatsu Suzuki and Rossana Torres have come together again for their latest work Earth which is currently showing as part of EU Film Days 2023. This is their third film together, following on from Green Belt and The Taste of Crème Brûlée. It was awarded the Best Portuguese Competition Film during Docolisboa in 2018. After its screenings finish in Tokyo, dates in Kyoto, Hiroshima, and Fukuoka are scheduled to follow from the end of July until August. More details are available on the EU Film Days 2023 website:

『Terra / Earth』
Director: Hiroatsu Suzuki, Rossane Torres / Release: 2018 / Made In: Portugal / Runtime: 60 mins

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