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POPEYE November ‘23 Issue (#919)

Special Feature: Bookworm’s Delight



Check out the current issue of POPEYE for a special conversation between Subsequence chief editor, Kosuke Ide, and photography unit, the Daido Brothers.

The seed for this conversation was sown back in March of this year, when Yuki Daido sent a letter to Ide containing his thoughts on reading Subsequence. Also included were a self-produced photobook and essay collection. Ide was in awe of what Yuki had sent and as they corresponded, he learned that the Daido Brothers were twins who worked together as a photography team based in Kyoto.

For the conversation, the Daido Brothers visited Ide in his Tokyo studio, bringing dozens of their “completely handmade” photobooks. These books are carefully made one by one, to create individual pieces that are all unique. We hope you enjoy their conversation that is centered around the joy of making books.

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