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Multiple Art Days

Text: Yoshiko Nagai


I am rocked by the metro’s Line 5 as I head east towards Fondation Fiminco, a cultural district in a renovated industrial site on the outskirts of Paris. In this place which provides artist residencies, exhibition spaces, and galleries, artists of various styles gather and mingle.

In early September, at the end of the summer holidays, the venue’s exhibition venue hosted an art book fair called Multiple Art Days. This book fair brings together artists working in a wide spectrum of paper forms, from zines to prints, and this was its eighth iteration. The venue space was a striking former industrial building with the boilers left in as a feature. I was stunned by the tall windows set into the simple brick walls that seemed to be climbing up towards the sky and noted that the window frames were embedded in plaster or clay, a delicate craft that predates silicone or other plastics. The space had a stunning grandeur that brought to mind a church.

The gathering brought together people of all ages and genders, from independent publishers to artists who work with paper. The photographs are of pieces created by Agnes, an artist based in Sète in the south of France. During her process, she finds books with drawings that intrigue her and makes cut outs of these. She then integrates these cut-out cross sections into seashells or glass to create a completely different sensation to what paper usually has. The message and the drawing suddenly take on a third dimensionality—as they are reborn into charming art pieces, I can’t help but stop and admire.

Yoshiko Nagai
She became an independent curator, after having worked for a company planning and producing cultural activities. She connects creators, artworks, and audiences by creating and communicating values in a way that suits the environment. She is the author of “Out of line,” an exhibition by Alison Turnbull (2020, Tokyo), and the booklet Materia Prima, which is published irregularly.

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