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Text: Kosuke Ide


A Quiet Ghost: Following the Life of Artist Koji Nakazono, a non-fiction book by my good friend and editor of Subsequence, Toshiya Muraoka, is a critical biography that traces the footsteps of Koji Nakazono, an artist who passed away at the young age of 25.

Muraoka interviewed Nakazono’s friends, teachers, gallery curators, part-time coworkers, and various others, as well as researching the notes that Nakazono left behind, spending an incredible amount of time in thinking about and piecing together the life of this talented artist in order to write this book.

It goes without saying that writing about the deceased amounts to nothing more than speculation. It is a process that requires immense care and responsibility, saying nothing of the difficulty required to talk about Nakazono’s art. As someone who also makes a living from words, I was completely floored by the delicate care and resolve required to deal with this incredible artist who died so young.

A Quiet Ghost: Following the Life of Artist Koji Nakazono
Author: Toshiya Muraoka
Publisher: Shinchosha

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