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vol.3: The Tagline



The tagline for Subsequence is “Arts & Crafts for the Age of Eclectic”.

Human culture crosses both borders and eras. Although a culture may be born in a certain location, over time it can travel, even crossing the seas, and eventually reach a destination far from where it originated. Through this process, it’s not rare for the culture to mix with the local culture of its destination and undergo a transformation to become something new. In this way, every cultural product is indirectly influenced by the creations that came before it.

This is particularly true of our current technologically advanced world. It’s highly likely that at any particular moment, we are connected to someone on the other side of the globe and sharing ideas with one another without even knowing. I think that we should accept this fact as readily as we can and look upon it with interest. Hopefully we can grow to respect one another by sharing the different values that can be found in the various histories and cultures of peoples across the world—it is this desire that is contained within our tagline.

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