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0699999999183 Subsequence × SHOKKI Magazine Stand

Subsequence SALON is a pop-up gallery event curated by Subsequence magazine that displays a variety of arts and crafts from different eras both east and west that are also available for sale for a limited time.

This exhibition will focus on Hiroki Nakamura’s “My Archive” (Magazine House, 2018) featured in the most recent issue of Subsequence Magazine (volume 05) as a special appendix and take place inside「ref.03」a new exhibition space scheduled to open this fall within the store「ref.」a Subsequence Magazine stockist in Hiroshima.

“My Archive” was a serialization that appeared in POPEYE Magazine from 2012 to 2018, which featured archival objects and collectibles belonging to Creative Director Hiroki Nakamura. It introduced a variety of things that Nakamura discovered and was fascinated by, where he would talk about its charm by featuring one specific archival item in each issue that inspired him in his work creating products. The serial feature was also published as a special book by POPEYE BOOKS in 2018.

Eskimo Boots
Eskimos are a group of indigenous peoples that primarily inhabited the far northern artic coastal regions and islands of the North American continent stretching from the eastern coast of Greenland west towards the Bering Strait and over to the eastern tip of Siberia. This included the Inuit that inhabited regions of Greenland and Canada, as well as the Inupiat whose territories spanned areas of Northern Alaska and coastal areas of the Bering Sea and the Yupik people. Photo: Katsuhide Morimoto
The history of trophies dates to times before Christ and it is believed to be rooted in the custom of the victors displaying the spoils of war. In ancient Greece where competitions of sport originated, pots and other forms of ceramics were used as souvenirs for the winners, however from around the 17th century metal trophies began being awarded for horse racing competitions. Presently it is common to see a variety of styles including versions with columns, cups, and shields. Photo: Katsuhide Morimoto

“To think about what attracted me to this thing and divulging that charm simply as I felt it.” To separate from any form of public opinion or any other individual opinions, it allowed me to express and discover the importance of thinking about what I like to call “value or worth for myself.” The efforts put forth to create this serialization later became the catalyst to publish Subsequence magazine.

This exhibition is a rare opportunity to display a variety of items from different eras, countries, and cultures that were introduced in the book. In addition to Subsequence magazine being available at the venue, the original “My Archive” book which is currently out of stock with the publisher will be available for sale. There are also a series of official merchandise pieces including a T-shirt and bag that were made especially for this event. We hope you will find the time to come and pay us a visit.

Subsequence SALON

Dates: Dec. 17th (SAT) – Jan. 9th (MON)  * Closed on Dec. 31st (SAT) and Jan. 1st (SUN).

Hours: 11:00 – 19:00  * Closing early on Dec. 17th (SAT) at 14:00 for a special talk show event.

Location: ref.03  8-18 2F Fukuromachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima

0699999999183 Subsequence × SHOKKI Magazine Stand
0699999999183 Subsequence × SHOKKI Magazine Stand
SHOKKI was founded in 2013 as a label for handmade ceramics. They conceptualize and produce one off products that include tableware, bowls, and various sculptures with an ease and freedom driven by the motto, “well, it’s okay…” For this occasion Subsequence x SHOKKI have collaborated on a limited run of customized book holders which are designed to hold the five issues of Subsequence Magazine that have been published to date. Each book holder for sale will include all five issues of Subsequence including the difficult to get inaugural issue.
*Copies of Subsequence vol. 1 were prepared in limited quantities for this special release. Individual copies of vol. 1 will not be available for sale. The box set will only be available for purchase at the event. Please note it will not be made available online or by mail orders.
0699999999184 Subsequence × My Archive Booklet
0699999999184 Subsequence × My Archive Booklet
The ”My Archive” serialization directed by visvim’s Hiroki Nakamura was a part of POPEYE magazine for six years from 2012. Each article featured a vintage object or piece from a wide range of eras and places all over the world that provided inspiration for Nakamura in his mission to make products, where he would also talk about the charm of each thing he introduced. The introduction was written by Subsequence Editor in Chief Kosuke Ide. In 2018 a special book that was a collection of 50 articles from the serialization was published by Magazine House. 
This special “My Archive Booklet” includes 12 “lost” articles from the original serialization that were never included in the book that have been re-edited for this occasion, alongside a new interview with Hiroki Nakamura in relation to the exhibition event.
B5 Format, 32 pages.

Items scheduled for release

0622903003003 TOTE BAG (Subsequence)
0622903003004 RECORD BAG (Subsequence)
0622905010001 JUMBO TEE S/S (Subsequence)
0699999999183 Subsequence × SHOKKI Magazine Stand
0699999999184 Subsequence × My Archive Booklet
and more

Vintage Pennants
Early pennants were typically made from felt cut outs and other non-woven fabrics and many also had ribbons on the end as remnants of their roots being attached to flagpoles. The 1950’s introduced new production methods and styles that included flocking, lame yarns, and piece processing that made gradient expressions possible. After the 1970’s there were versions that utilized photos as well. Photo: Katsuhide Morimoto

Subsequence Talk

Subsequence SALON vol. 2 My Archive Commemorative Talk Event

The talk event will welcome Subsequence Publisher and Creator, Hiroki Nakamura alongisde Editor in Chief, Kosuke Ide to speak on the never talked about background story behind the reasons for publishing Subsequence, along with reflections on the My Archive series, which was one of the primary catalysts. They also plan to talk about the concept of the magazine, and their thoughts regarding print media as well as their outlooks on the future of these matters.

Date: Dec. 17th (SAT) 17:00 – 18:00

Location: ref.03  8-18 2F Fukuromachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima 

Attendance: Those who wish to attend the event may send an official request on the「ref.」official web site from Dec. 2nd (FRI). Registration will be closed as soon as the capacity is reached.

Entry Fee: Free Admission

Speakers: Hiroki Nakamura (visvim Creative Director / Subsequence Publisher), Kosuke Ide (Subsequence Editor in Chief)

American Cruiser Bicycles
Photo: Katsuhide Morimoto
Home Life Magazine
Photo: Katsuhide Morimoto

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