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How do your fingers move when you strike the tip of a pen? How do the sleeves of your shirt follow you when you hold your arm up? What textures and materials make you want to keep touching them?

From stationery to bags and shirts, POSTALCO designs and researches to get closer to the original meaning of these “things”. They are now holding an exhibition telling the story of their manufacturing process.

If we look closely at the movements we repeat every day, we can see that there is a profound relationship between the way our bodies move and the way our products work. The drawings on display at the exhibition, which seem to slowly follow the movement of the joints, will surely make your body tingle. Feel the transparent sensation of the product passing through your skin, your joints and connecting to your hands and shoulders!

Dates: Dec 13, 2021(Mon) – Feb 4, 2022(Fri) 
Venue: Karimoku Commons Tokyo

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