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Rooted in Clay



Mountain Bird (Artwork Image by Athena Steen)

A new clay-work exhibition has opened in Tokoname, Aichi Prefecture, put together by three talented artists with roots in different architectural cultures. Two of these artists are the married couple of Athena Steen, who has Native American Puebloan roots, and Bill Steen, who has Mexican roots. In the state of Arizona, located near to the Mexican border, the couple have been holding workshops for over thirty years where they teach attendants how to use natural materials like clay and straw bales to build houses. These workshops have been attended by people from around the world who wish to learn and share their techniques. For the exhibition, they are joined by Syuhei Hasado, a plasterworker from Hida Takayama, Gifu Prefecture, who is known for his innovative ideas and creativity in using natural materials. Hasado has visited the Steens three times since 2004, and has developed an intimate relationship with the pair as he has taught them about Japanese traditional craft techniques and the mindset behind it. Enjoy the unique atmosphere of this exhibition clay-based art pieces which is nurtured by the landscapes and techniques of Athena, Bill, and Hasado’s cultural heritages of Pueblo, Mexico, and Japan.

Tierra nido – Earth Nest (Artwork Image by Athena Steen)
Athena and Bill Steen
Shuuhei Hasado

Rooted in Clay
Dates: 29 April 2023 – 19 September 2023
(Closed on Wednesdays unless a public holiday falls on a Wednesday)
Venue: INAX Museums, Clayworks Exhibition Room
Price: Included in regular museum admission fee

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