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Jerry Ukai: Little Voice



Jerry Ukai, whose short story Zen Hiker is being serialized in Subsequence, has an exhibition which is currently showing at Gallery Trax in Yamanashi. Just like the protagonists in Zen Hiker who spend their time up on the mountain for the purpose of self-discipline, Jerry too lives close to nature. This series of watercolor paintings, which depict both people and mountains, are simultaneously colorful pop pieces but are also contemplative, all while being filled with an easy humor.

Jerry Ukai: Little Voice
Dates: June 8, 2024 – June 30, 2024 (Gallery closed Tuesday – Thursday)
Venue: Gallery Trax (1245 Takanecho Gochoda, Hokuto, Yamanashi)

Jerry Ukai:
Born in 1971. Graduated Nihon College University of Art, studying under Mizumaru Anzai. Illustrator and art director. He has worked on various projects including CD jackets, fashion brands, outdoor logos, advertisements, and catalogs. His hobbies are mountain climbing and fishing.

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