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text: Jidapa Chansirisathaporn


I love traveling, To meet different culture, seeing new people, step out and explore the experience from elsewhere and to feel the atmosphere surrounding.

A lot of Brochures on the wall came from the places that I traveled to. I used to live in Kyoto for 2 years, it’s started with a postcard I brought from a cafe near my apartment I often go to. A poster from the museum in London, a small maps book from an art exhibition in Seoul even chocolate wrapping paper from Edinburgh and so many. 

Every country has its own atmosphere of art and design. How they create the composition, how they mix the colors. The variety of their own way of design always makes me interested. I miss the sights, noises, and all the memories associated with traveling very much. When I saw them on the wall it makes me feels like I could feel their unique atmosphere from those papers of the place I have visited there.

Personally, the most impressive place I’ve visited is Okinawa. There are unique multiculturalism, specific architecture and vibes of the people. Also, the natural attractions so magnificent.

Jidapa Chansirisathaporn(Artist and Illustrator based in Bangkok) loves to convey her deep emotions and visualizes flowers and plants from her aspects into the perspective of the surrealistic way.

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