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Kyohei Sakaguchi opens "museum" and releases a new art book "Water"



Kyohei Sakaguchi, an artist who contributes wonderful illustrations and essays to every issue of Subsequence, has opened a private art gallery called “museum” in Kumamoto City, where he is based.

The Hayano Building, where the museum is located, was completed in 1924 (registered as tangible cultural property). About 40 pieces of his recent works are on display in this beautiful modern architectural space, and visitors can encounter his works at any time.

His new pastel book, “Water” (published by Sayu-sha) is scheduled to be released in October. The sky, fields, and cats …… The momentary “scenes” that Mr Sakaguchi captures in his daily life are filled with serenity, intimacy, and a hint of sadness. 

2nd Floor, Hayano Building, 45 Renpei-cho, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture
Open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in September.

“Water” by Kyohei Sakaguchi, published by Sayu-sha

“Water” by Kyohei Sakaguchi, published by Sayu-sha
On sale 15 October (pre-order now)
3,000 yen + tax
Sayu-sha Web Site

Kyohei Sakaguchi
Born in 1978. Graduated from the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University. He works in a variety of fields, including writer, architect, painter, singer, and dancer, and plans to hold a solo exhibition at the Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto in 2023.

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