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Almost All About Subsequence

vol.2: The Magazine Format



“It’s huge!”
This is the usual reaction when people first see a copy of Subsequence. The substantially different size of Subsequence—a touch larger than B4 at 260mm x 372mm—has quite the impact on most people.

Saying this, we didn’t choose such a large size for the purpose of creating a striking image on store shelves. Rather, the main reason was to create a space that would allow us to express the visual element of the magazine to its fullest potential. No matter how high the resolution of your phone or computer screen, there are very physical limits to its size and layout. From incredible vistas to close-up shots of craftspeople at work—we wanted the photographs in the magazine to be proudly and beautifully displayed at a quality that is comparable to photobooks.

Not only this, the even larger scale of two spread pages allows for a true freedom of design. We are still continually experimenting with how best we can continue to give our readers a sense of both surprise and joy.

We feel that the satisfaction you get as you take the time to turn one of its pages is thanks to the size. Whether in bed or in a comfy chair, we hope our magazine can provide you with a relaxed and fulfilling reading time.

Almost All About Subsequence
vol.1: Binding

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