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You and I eat the Same

text: Kosuke Ide (Editor in Chief)


I was deeply impressed by an essay collection, “You and I eat the Same” edited by Chris Ying; the founder of the legendary independent food magazine “Lucky Peach” which sadly ended its publication in 2007.

Everybody Wraps Meat in Flatbread:

Much Depends on How You Hold Your Fork:

Leaves Make Things Steamy:

There Is No Such Things as a Nonethnic Restaurant:

You Can Take the Shoyu Out of Japan:


Just by looking at these essay’s titles stimulates my curiosity and appetite.

Each text, in its context contains very broad culinary cultures and stupendous histories that humans have cultivated since ancient times.

Come to think of it, there is no other existence more “eclectic” than culinary culture. At any time, humans have always created innovative dishes by exchanging materials and technologies.

This anthology teaches us to think beyond binary simplicity such as “it’s delicious” or not, but also to enjoy a deeper taste of cuisine by understanding the background culture.

Feeling with our senses, and thinking with our mind, I would like to make the kind of magazine that doesn’t neglect both ideas.

Kosuke Ide
Editor in Chief
Born in Osaka in 1975. He writes for magazines such as BRUTUS and POPEYE (both from Magazine House Ltd), as well as for books and websites. His major editorial works include “My Archive” (co-authored with Hiroki Nakamura, from Magazine House Ltd) and “Hosono Kanko 1969-2019” (Official Catalogue of Hosono Haruomi’s 50th-anniversary exhibition, from Asahi Shimbun Publishing). He is also the author of “All About ALASKA” (co-authored with Gentaro Ishizuka, from Shinchosha Publishing Co, Ltd).

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