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Cook and Learn about Lao Cuisine



With Thailand, Myanmar, and Vietnam among its neighbors, Laos is a country with a large variety of different minority groups even within Southeast Asia. It is also known for its vibrant crafts and food cultures. Written by Naoya Okada, owner of Kyoto-based Lao restaurant YuLaLa, and Seiji Komatsu, a Kyoto-based chef who uses freshwater fish from Lake Biwa in his Lao cooking, this book introduces over sixty recipes while digging into the history, geography, and social background of the country. This recipe book is for true foodies with all the local spices you need listed. The central ingredients of meat, fish, and rice (the basket of sticky rice is especially emblematic of Laos) are familiar to Japanese tongues, but it takes just a little bit of work through fermented goods, spices, cooking methods, and local flavors like a squeeze of citrus, to bring out that delicious Lao taste. Through fascinating tidbits and essays, this is the perfect entry point to get to know this country and its culture.

Cook and Learn about Lao Cuisine
By Naoya Okada and Seiji Komatsu
Published by Graphic-sha Publishing

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