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New Exhibition from “HOW TO WRAP_”

living with nature objects



living with nature objects, an exhibition from “HOW TO WRAP_”, is currently underway at Gallery Claska in Shinagawa, Tokyo.

“HOW TO WRAP_” is a brand supervised by Koji Yamamoto and Yumika Yoshida that considers how to expand the definition of the act of wrapping for the modern era. The brand came to be known by a wider audience after the traditional kamon-ori, “flower-fold”, origami techniques which Yamamoto and Yoshida introduced were lauded by industrial designer Sori Yanagi in the first issue of Subsequence.

The main feature of living with nature objects are art pieces that use traditional knotting techniques to bring together a variety of naturally formed stones and leather straps. Among the pieces on display are “Wrapped Stones”, which utilize knotting techniques used in traditional Japanese wickerwork and bamboo work, and “Tomeishi”, which are modern interpretations of sekimori’ishi—stones tied in cross-shaped thread which are placed on stepping stones or pathways in shrines, temples, and gardens to indicate that one may not pass. The pieces are a beautiful manifestation of the respect towards the culture and techniques that have been fostered over hundreds of years between nature and people.

Exhibition dates: Until 21 March (Monday, Public Holiday)
Address: Gallery Claska / Room 101, 4-5-26 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa, Tokyo

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