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Raphaël Zarka『Riding Modern Art』



French artist Raphaël Zarka’s book, Riding Modern Art, features a range of beautiful photographs of skateboarders skating over public art installations around the world. Simply seeing the names of the skateboarders and the artists together makes you feel like these photographs are all collaborative art pieces that transcend both space and time, and that fact alone is a hugely exciting prospect. Permission from the artists (creators) has been given for the photographs in the book, but for those pieces where permission was not given, the page is simply blank with only the artist credits listed.

Zarka possesses a critical eye for geometric shapes and public space, and his sculptures have questioned their relationship with the human body. It is from this starting point that he has used the skateboard to further the expression of the human body and used these works as an attempt to further our perception and awareness of public spaces. The movement of the skateboards seem to trace the invisible arcs and gridlines that these public pieces of art are trying to express.

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