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Robert Frank, Book and films, 1947-2016

text: Satoko Shibahara (Editor)


It really looks like a plain English newspaper when putting in a box like this, but this is a collection of Robert Frank’s work. Steidl published it coinciding with the exhibition. It is said to have been made in the same way as a newspaper, both on paper and in printed form, according to the format of a genuine German newspaper. The price was also very reasonable for a catalog.

There are cases where a catalog could be made in the style of a newspaper or a weekly magazine, but these are not suitable for small-lot art books, considering the prior require an outrageous number of prints. It’s an obvious thing to do, but it’s really amazing how he carried out.

“Cheap, quick and dirty, that’s how I like it!”, according to Frank’s own words. Large format photos are laid out in a full advertising style. America that I imagine is depicted in this newspaper.

Satoko Shibahara
Editor / first-class architect. After studying architecture, she worked for a design firm and museum public relations before becoming a freelance editor, writer and planner in 2015. Writing and managing projects for websites and books, primarily in the fields of art and architecture. She writes art exhibition reviews for “” (Magazine House Ltd) and will begin an art research project “Scene of new habitation” in 2021.

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