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"Magazine Design" and the present



Talk Event at “Kougei-Seika”

“Magazine Design” and the present
Kousuke Ide + Toshinobu Nagata + Yasuharu Sugano

*Reproduced below from the website of “Kougei-Seika”.

This series aims to reflect on craft with makers, sellers and users.

This is a three-person talk with designer Toshinobu Nagata, who published in August (as co-author) “The History of Book Design in Contemporary Japan 1999-2020,” a book about the history of publishing from the history of book design, and Mr Kosuke Ide, editor-in-chief of “Subsequence,” a craft magazine that continues to expand and update the concept of “craft.”

Using “Subsequence” and “Kogei Seika” as examples, we would like to discuss a wide range of topics related to magazine design and publishing based on a different way of thinking from the book. 
(Yasuharu Sugano, Editor-in-Chief)

Date: 7 – 9 P.M. on October 22th, 2021  
Location: Kougei Seika

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