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Bilingual Japanese and English
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The second issue focuses on the “Unforgettable.” We hoped to provide our readers an opportunity to reminisce on an unforgettable experience, including those pivotal moments in one’s life, memorable phrases from your closest friends and mentors, and those exceptional encounters from your travels.

The personal essays will feature Ai Hosokawa (Chef), Haruomi Hosono (Musician), Elizabeth Coll (Photographer), and Teruoki Mishina (Owner, Zakka Shop)

In the special feature “Returning to an Unforgettable Home”, Erika Kobayashi (Author / Manga Artist), Emma Straub (Author / Bookstore Owner), Irving Marcus (Artist), Makoto Miyawaki (Antique Dealer) and others visit the homes they grew up in to share precious memories of the days they spent there.

Additional articles on the Noren Curtains of Katazome (stencil dyeing) Artisan Takeshi Yamauchi, an apprentice of renowned textile designer Keisuke Serizawa; A look into the traditional hand-knit mittens of the indigenous Sami people who inhabit parts of Scandinavia near the Arctic Circle; A travel journal entry on the ceramic culture of Minnesota left behind by the late Warren MacKenzie, who studied under British potter Bernard Leach and also a story of three generations of engineers at Naito Auto Engineering, the Japanese automotive workshop with a distinguished reputation all over the world for their knowledge and expertise.

There is an additional short novel “Character Costumes” written by author Kanako Nishi, as well as a follow up fashion feature by stylist Stephen Mann.

The follow ups to “My Favorite Places,” an essay by Hiroki Nakamura, creative director of visvim, and “My Experience,” an essay by Kelsi Nakamura; previous feature “SIGHTS N’ SNACKS BANGKOK” by Tamara Shopsin, the popular New York-based illustrator, “Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia Gold Rush Diary,” a photo-essay by Gentaro Ishizuka, and “Tangible & Visible,” the comic strip by artist Nakaban.

Contents of the second issue

Ai Hosokawa / Haruomi Hosono / Elizabeth Coll / Teruoki Mishina

Cover story “Returning to an Unforgettable Home”
Erika Kobayashi / Yohei Naruse / Emma Straub / Satoko Shibahara / Irving Marcus / Makoto Miyawaki

Other content
The Noren Curtains of Katazome Artisan Takeshi Yamauchi / Minnesota Mingei / The Handknit Mittens of the Sámi / Short Story “Character Costumes” Words by Kanako Nishi / The Craft of Naito Auto / Unearthing California’s Mid-Century Modern Architecture / etc

Participating creators
Stephen Mann / Kyohei Sakaguchi / Asa Hiramatsu / Tokushige Kawakatsu / Natsumi Yamase / Tamara Shopin / Gentaro Ishizuka / nakaban / Hiroki Nakamura / Kelsi Nakamura / etc

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