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volume 03

Bilingual Japanese and English
260 × 372mm 168P

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The title of Volume 03, “Moment” will focus on the thought of illuminating the present by turning our attention to a moment in the past, one that we had not given much thought to at the time of its occurrence, but in retrospect, manifested its significance as an enlightened time.

With opening essays by Lang Lee (Singer-Songwriter, etc.), Tomoka Shibasaki (Author), Fanny Singer (Author, etc.), Kyohei Sakaguchi (Writer, etc.), Mike Abelson (Co-Founder, Director of Postalco), Itsushi Kawase (Visual Anthropologist), and others.

Tetsu Nishiyama (Director of WTAPS) and Kyle Field (Musician) share their significant memories from their special moments with private photos in the special feature “CLOTHING AS MEMORY”

An in-depth report on the restoration project of visvim’s Hiroki Nakamura to one of Richard Neutra’s masterpieces, a mid-century modern master known for his work in California during that period; An article on the Bamboo-Weaving legacy left behind by Architect Bruno Taut in Takasaki, Gunma Prefecture, and an interview with Sadao Yasumoro, a living legend in the world of landscape gardening.

This issue also includes a collection of writings from Etgar Keret, known for, “The Seven Good Years: a memoir,” and his work on the film “Jellyfish”, along with the third fashion feature curated by stylist Stephen Mann.

With new perspectives on “My Favorite Place” by Hiroki Nakamura, creative director of visvim, and “My Experience,” an essay by Kelsi Nakamura, “SIGHTS N’ SNACKS MADRID” by renowned New York illustrator Tamara Shopsin, “Zen Hiker Part Two” by illustrator Jerry Ukai, “Open Wheelers and Friends” by Naito Auto, “Malakoff Diggins and Bodie: California Gold Rush Diary” by photographer Gentaro Ishizuka, and “Tangible & Visible,” a comic strip by Nakaban.

Contents of the third issue

Fanny Singer / Kyohei Sakaguchi / Lang Lee / Itsushi Kawase / Tomoka Shibasaki / Mike Abelson

Cover story “Clothing As Memory”
Susan Kim / Kyle Field / Tetsu Nishiyama / Kasara Nandasuta / Crispin Chetwynd / Toyoshige Kamada / Akari Endo-Gaut / Lisa Monterdez

Other content
The Photography of Sune Jonsson / Short Story “Olives, or End-of-World Blues” Etgar Keret / Bruno Taut’s Bamboo-Weaving Legacy / The Hand-Embroidered Textiles of Jordan Nassar / Holding Back the Years: Hiroki Nakamura and the Restoration of Richard Neutra’s “Schaarmann House” / Sadao Yasumoro, Master Gardener / etc

Participating creators
Stephen Mann / Brigitte Lacombe / Asa Hiramatsu / Jerry Ukai / Tamara Shopin / Gentaro Ishizuka / nakaban / Hiroki Nakamura / Kelsi Nakamura / etc

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